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In our long history of helping families, we’ve accumulated over 10,000 approvals, far more than virtually all law offices in the United States...

Even if we’ve tried to, it would have been an awfully long of a page to list all of the cases we've gotten approved, the thousands of families we've helped to start there lives in the USA. These are a few of our victories, we’ll be updating regularly with newer ones...

Please note: Endorsements, such as testimonials or online reviews, do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Priscilla M.

We contacted Deron Smallcomb through a referral from another happy client.. His law firm Modern Law Group assisted my husband and I from back when we were engaged while I was still living in Uganda they helped us file the mountain of paperwork needed every step of the way from getting my K1 visa approved up to when I moved to the US to get married, several petitions in between to becoming a Permanent Resident and finally a United States Citizen. We can honestly say we feel that we could not have taken this journey successfully without this law firm by our side.

My husband and I will definitely use this firm again for any of our immigration legal needs.

We highly recommend the Modern Law Group. P.C.

Mike & Priscilla

Damir N.

I turned to the law firm MLG for assistance with my asylum case. I particularly want to highlight the work of a lawyer named Alex Kononenko. His professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional care for my case were key in the successful outcome of the lawsuit. Alex always kept me informed about all aspects of the case, ensuring clear and understandable communication. Thanks to his efforts, I won the case and secured a safe future for myself and my family. I highly recommend Alex and the Modern Law Group for legal support.

Devika S.

Very grateful to Olga from Modern Law Group for very professional help and insightful consultation! She explained everything in detail and helped to understand the process of getting a K1 visa better. Really appreciate your time and patience. Highly recommended, looking forward to working with Modern Law Group

Silvia F.

My experience with the Law Office of Deron Smallcomb is excellent. From the day that Virgil, my husband petitioner, contacted the Office for bringing me , Silvia , the spouse beneficiary , to him ; we always found the best professionalism, qualiity, and replies quickly . We went through a Visa K1 Fiance' , we got married, and now waiting for my adjustment of status .I also found , in the Law Office of Deron Smallcomb, a very special, precious quality that makes the diffrence about a Law Office, and makes the client trust the lawyer : that is the care about the human sensitivity of the client .

This is an update , Today December 2023! Thank You to the professionality of the Modern Law Group and Ms. Rose, I received the Update of my Green Card for ten years , that allow me to keep living with my Adored Husband Virgil !

For all these reasons I thank so much , I will always be grateful and I highly recommend the Modern Law Group, P.C.

Eugenia O.

We would like to express our huge gratitude to Igor Harris, a migration lawyer, and his assistant Tatiana, who work at Modern Law Group. The first time we contacted this company, we talked to Marina Sokolovskaya, she runs a cool channel on Telegram about political asylum. Marina listened to our story and said that yes, they would look into it. They then sent us a contract to review and introduced us to the lawyer who would be working with us. Igor and Tatiana demonstrated the utmost professionalism and sensitivity to our needs. They won our political asylum case! While some lawyers refused us because of the complexity of the case, these guys took it on without too much pathos and did a great job! They speak Russian and patiently explained to us sometimes several times everything we did not understand, realizing that we were in a foreign country and in such a situation for the first time. They always got in touch at the appointed time and did not demand from us the impossible, always morally supportive. They also helped us to collect the necessary evidence and translate the necessary documents. All in all, if anyone is looking for caring and competent immigration law specialists, we 100% recommend them!

Tanya M.

I talked to Olga about my mom's immigration situation. Olga is so knowledgeable. She gave me a full detailed breakdown and step by step instructions with the forms that we need to fill out and a list of documents that need to provide. In less than 15 minutes I learned everything I need to get my mom all set. It's so nice to talk to someone with knowledge and experience instead of relying on some things you heard. I can't recommend her enough!

Jarelle W.

Surely the most capable company i trust very polite making long process more manageable. Mr Rodrigez the truth

Farkhat S.

Big thanks to Olga, she helped me a lot with a consultation about K-1 visa, appreciate your teammate


Kind attorney, that was willing to help answer a question about immigration. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Brent W.

Rose and the rest of the Modern Law legal team assisted my wife and I with one of the most difficult processes of our lives. It was a long and tedious process, but Rose was so very patient with my wife and I. Helpful, kind, informative and understanding.

I'm now so happy to say that my wife will be finally joining me here in the US and I couldn't be more pleased working with such a great team of people who bring lives together. You do such an incredible thing for people who simply want to be together, and for that we're eternally grateful for everything you've done for us.

I'd recommend them 100 times over. Thank you again for everything.

The Webers

Gurjeet S.

Modern Law Group was our best choice to hire for our fiancé visa process. I would like to say a big thank you to Roseanne Moss, who helped us Throughout our process of fiancé visa. She was so detailed and always replied to our concerns. She was always quick with replies and phone calls. I would highly recommend anyone who needs help with their fiancé visa to this law firm.

Yana I.

Darina was very professional and diligent. A pleasure to work with.

Roman A.

Perfect company! I got full service, modern law team helped me on each level of my process. My attorneys Vilena Ramini and Ken Primola did a great job, they prepared me to the court, and answered at all my questions. They were on contact all times. I definitely recommend this company! Il

Adam S.

My asylum case worried me very much. After speaking with Mr. Smallcomb, I was much surer that everything would be done ok. He and his staff helped me to file and get my work card. I was lucky to have their help and the price was lower than most lawyers.

Robert S.

Very Professional, very thorough and simplified the process so you know what to expect and what is required. Very satisfied with the Modern Law Group, P.C., Thank you.

Kevin F.

These folks were a critical part of my k1 visa preparation and subsequent parts of the process to eventual citizenship. Additionally, they helped with my stepson green card process. I will definitely use their services as my stepson heads for citizenship. Very professional, extremely competent!

Robert & Tonya P.

Robert & Tonya P. My caseworker asked me to call her after our interview, and I did and she was very pleased to hear that my wife receive her Visa and was coming back to America with me. They were even able to get my wife her Green card and her Social Security card.

It has been almost 2 years sense this all happened and now it is time for the Removal of Conditions to be taken off of my wife's Green card and for it to be renewed. Once again I have contacted the Law Office to help me with this process.

Result: Multiple Approvals

Mick & Cheryl

Mick & Cheryl They were very easy to work with and let us know what was required every step of the way. I would recommend the Modern Law Group, P.C. to anyone seeking a K1 or K3 Visa.

We were so happy and satisfied with their service that we have employed them to complete the process by assisting us in obtaining a Adjustment of Status for my wife.

Result: Multiple Approvals

Barry & Cheryl C.

Barry & Cheryl C. I searched so many websites and asked advice from so many people who had been in the same situation, but I never felt true peace of mind until I contacted the Modern Law Group, P.C..

Their staff was friendly and always accessible when I had doubts or questions about anything. My fiance got her visa without any problems or delays and now we are happily married.

I would recommend them to anyone who needs reliable and affordable help with the fiance visa process.

Result: Approval

Allen & Dela C.

Allen & Dela C. I would highly recommend the Modern Law Group, P.C. to anyone who needs reliable and affordable help with the fiancé visa process. We also decided to use the law office to file her Adjustment of Status for permanent residency as well. My fiancé got her visa without any problems or delays and we are now happily married.

We can't say enough good things about this company because they made all our dreams come true.

Result: Approval

Jimmy & Raquel D.

Jimmy & Raquel D. To your future costumers, I choose them because of their expert knowledge in this field. I am a teacher with a Master degree in Informational Technology. Being a professional in my field I do understand you always go to the experts in the field that one inquires about. You will find no one on the web who knows more about obtaining visas.

They answered every phone call. (I mean every call. I think I called too much). They were so nice to me. They did all the work by doing so I got my fiancé visa in 9 weeks.

Result: Approval

Bob & Marian S.

Bob & Marian S. LOoDS is the most awesome company and I highly recommend them to anyone who has fallen in love with someone outside the United States. They will do good by you & work with you guiding you through the K-1 fiancé visa and Green card process as they did me. My fiancé & I married thanks to all the efforts they put forth to get the love of my life here to the United States became a reality.

Thank You for helping me achieve all of my dreams of getting beautiful Marian here. Your efforts are highly appreciated & will be remembered for a lifetime!

Result: Approval

Michael & Renata C.

Michael & Renata C. Using the Modern Law Group, P.C. to handle preparing our K1 Visa paperwork was without a doubt the main reason we were able to get approved as quickly as possible, with no delays or problems. From the first call they had us gather all the documents and started right in on our file.

The K-1 application was a lot more involved than we imagined and just knowing we could always call with any questions and that all our forms were filled out perfectly really gave us peace of mind through the entire process.

Result: Approval

Undisclosed / Private

Happy Couple I would recommend the Modern Law Group, P.C. to anyone and not only will you have peace of mind but also experience inclusive speedy service as you go along. They proved "To Know" the system and how the game is played and what the government really wants or is looking for.

In short, I could never imagine being without their assistance and help for our successful conclusion or permanent Green Card status; which after all is what it is all about...isn't it??

Result: Multiple Approvals

Mark & Theresa P.

Mark & Theresa P. We could never have responded to immigration without the help of LOoDS. They helped us gather over 90 pages of evidence to submit to immigration.

Our approval for permanent residency was approved a week later, the green card received quickly thereafter, and we didn't even need to go through the required interview. We believe that without them we would still be waiting months or worse, Theresa would have had to return home. Thank you so much for the extra time and effort you have spent on our case.

Result: Multiple Approvals